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Educom equips school with special teaching learning aids devised by education experts. State-of-the-art teaching environment allows standardization of delivery and structural learning, thereby reducing confusion and enhancing classroom teaching experience. The content and digital gadget provided by Educom is geared towards increasing retention power and helping students acquire lifelong learning thus ensuring performance enhancements.

  • Educom focuses on learning through discovery, development of logical skills through stimulating questions and development of kinesthetic development through activities.
  • The Pedagogy followed by STBA aims towards overall development of the child and provides an engaging, child centric, teaching-learning environment, reflecting the changing society, growing awareness and the way in which we live our lives.
  • A very interesting feature of Smart Learning Class is the use of “Virtual Labs”. These virtual labs are available for all subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology and are very useful while imparting education relating to these subjects in the class room.
  • The other important features of the Smart Learning Classes are :-
    • CCE MCQ Tests
    • CCE Short/Long Answer Tests
    • Formative Discussions and HOTS
    • Group Discussions
    • Assessment Center
  • These MCQ test which are based on CCE, formative discussions, Group Discussions and assessment center play a very important role in ensuring students having grasped all the important concepts about a particular chapter / subject.


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