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Academics and Subjects offered

Education at STBA is a combination of participation and interaction, which makes learning meaningful and enjoyable. Home assignments are not a carry-over of class work but oriented towards enhancing individual talents. This includes suggested books for reading, physical and sports development in general knowledge, civic responsibilities, talent cultivation etc.

  • Play School and Pre-primary classes – Education is meant to prepare the citizen of tomorrow and these future citizens take up their careers under the guidance of learned teachers according to the aptitude and flair they possess. The students of nursery classes are educated in an informal way through play-way method, with the help of modern aids to develop their latest skills to help them bloom in to self-reliant individuals.
  • Primary and Middle Classes – Formal education is introduced using the NCERT syllabus. Art and Craft, Club Activities, Music, Computers, Dance are added in the curriculum. The main emphasis is to enable the child to express him/her self orally as well as in writing. The students are taught the whole aspects of life; most important facts are emphasized on and students are made to learn them before practicing them. Practical training and demonstrations will be given in all possible areas and special attention will be given in identifying the talents of the students.
  • Day Schooling – At STBA, being a day schooling, all students arrive at the school in the morning and they leave the school when the classes are over by afternoon. Such students carry their lunch boxes along with them. It is very important that all the students study the curriculum up to their expected standard. It is the duty of the parents to get their ward completely involved in studies at home after they leave the school. Private tuitions are of no use to the students because the school is adopting a very different module of study pattern by identifying the capability of each student.


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